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Antenatal / Maternity Services

Pregnancy is not a state of disease, rather it is altered state of health. Majority of pregnancies are uncomplicated ones. However few pregnancies may be associated with complications. Antenatal Care means the medical care of women during pregnancy. Objective of antenatal care is that high-risk pregnancies should be timely managed and complications associated with pregnancy should be prevented or identified and before any harm takes place.

At Razia Iqbal Medical Centre, we deliver a comprehensive Antenatal care and 24 hours maternity services. We encourage pregnant women to have antenatal booking and regularly attend the antenatal clinic according to the stage and nature of her pregnancy. During pregnancy around 5-10 visits are scheduled.

We offer One-Stop solution for Antenatal care . Our duty doctors, Staff and consultants carry out the antenatal clinic. On the same visit we perform

  • Clinical examinations
  • Counseling session (if required)
  • Obstetric Ultrasound including anomaly scan (if required)
  • Color Doppler Ultrasound imaging (if required)
  • Laboratory tests (if required)
  • Non-Stress test  CTG - (if required)

      Those pregnancies at High risk are identified and managed / advised accordingly. We have 24 hours services to receive any lady with active labor or obstetric (Maternity) emergency.